Holiday begins!

August 1st, 2011

Day 1

Our morning begins at 2am, waking up and setting off on our journey to Cornwall. Paul was convinced that it would be at least 3.30 am before we left the house.But as true excitement built we were on our way by 3am.Haly an hour early!

After dropping off keys at mum's we were away. Said a quick hello to Smudge as we drove past the kennels, that made my heart jump. Hoped he was ok. I'd love to bring him with us but the trip down would be too hot and too long in a car full of people and luggage.

The girls were amazing on the way down, for once the fell asleep as did I. Poor Paul driving with a car full of sleeping women! He drove until I woke up then said it was time for breakfast. There was 2 hours left of our journeys end.

Breakfast was at the usual services that costs a bomb.Actually it was well needed at 7.30am. Fueled up our journey continued.

We arrived at Globe Vale Holiday Park at 10am to a very warn welcome from Paul the owner. We had a little wait for our pitch as it was not vacated by the previous resident. At 11am we started to pitch our tent and with in two hours it was all done, record time! I was amazed that the girls got stuck in with no hassle.

After a quick brew Paul and I nipped to Tescos for bits for lunch as we'd sorted dinner the night before. Paul took a detour on the way back to the gold center and booked my rings on for re dipping in rhodium to make them sparkle again. After lunch we went back to pick up my rings and have a wonder around the treasure park where the gold center was.

A short drive took us on a tour of some of the beautiful beaches in the area. St Agnes was an amazing small village with a beautiful beach area. A local got to talking to us about the village and decided to tell us the local gossip. Then on to Chapel Porth where we got to dip our feet in the sea. Fantastic!!

Porthtowen and Porthtreath beaches were looked at next before we returned back to the tent for home made curry and a chilled glass of wine or two!

Before turning in we watched a beautiful sun set wich was truely amazing!

It's Here It's Here!!!

July 29th, 2011

It's here the holiday begins in the next few hours.

Today i took Smudge my beautiful boy to stay at the kennels and cried! I was quite a wreck at leaving him. I've left him with family before but to actually leave him with strangers I did not like one bit!!

The kennel lady said don't worry and if i want to phone to see if he's ok I can. May have been a mistake that!!!                                                                                                                                I know he'll be ok and that he won't think twice my leaving him untill I get back that is and then he'll let me know he's fell out with me!

Didn't go on my own took my Dad with me to hold my hand. Dad thought it was funny, me getting in a state!

Well now all the bags are packed and we're ready to go. Thinkg we all need a little sleep first though. Think we're setting off around midnight. Great time to travel, roads are quiet and it beats the holiday rush.  Im so looking forward to being away from here just for a few days.

Two days to blast off!!

July 28th, 2011

Oh My Gosh!

The excitement is building! One more full day at home then off to Cornwall! I'm so hoping the weather stays There is so much to do before we go. Still haven't finished packing as good as it is. yet. Got most things except Underwear!! At this rate we'll be going comando for the two weeks we're there.

Paul has only had to choose his shirts to be put in the case which will need ironing, which I'll end up doing last minute!! He's got it cushy that lad!!

Had a busy day today, Had to get Mum to Christies for her CT scan results and chemo. Dropped her off then took the girls to Stockport to kill some time before picking her up. Called her at 2.30 to see what was happening and she said she could come home now. No chemo. When i got back to pick her up she was buzzing!! The results are great! She can have a break from Chemo and every thing is looking positive and on the up. Just what she needed to hear.

She decided a shopping spree was needed!!

Paul ended up working late tonight, didn't finish till 9pm.

I feel like I'd not stopped all day, so glad to finally be in bed!!

The count down begins!

July 25th, 2011

Five more sleeps!!

I'm so looking forward to our holiday, just to get away from the same four walls. But it has a cloud over it at the moment as I'm full of a cold and really don't feel like doing anything. Should be packing!!

At weekend we repacked the trailer ready for the road trip to Cornwall. At least thats one job done. Now for packing the clothes and food box. What to take?

Final days of school

July 21st, 2011

I'm amazed how fast this year has gone! Seems like only yesterday that I was entering year 3 and 4 and think Oh My Gosh! The year has been a test on my abilities as a Teaching Assistant and in some parts I've not enjoyed this year at all and in some I've loved it. I've had my challanges and have questioned my confidance on a daily bases, wondering should I really be there. Now we are coming to the end of the year and I'm glad it's over. The past few days have been busy getting ready for next year, sorting out books and work and new stock. Also keeping the kids entertained as they are all on a high. What next year has for me will be interesting!

Cordelia finishs today for the summer and has had a good start in High School this year, making new friends and taking on new challanges. She has grown up a lot in the last 12 months. She is becoming  a beautiful young lady.

I'm sure at Aspinal there will be a few tears from year 6 over today and tomorrow. They look so grown up but inside they are so young and a little scared of what is yet to come. Some I think will meet their match once they get to high school. No longer top of the school.

 Oh my what a day!

The year 6 went out with a bang, They had a super day getting their shirts and autograph books signed by staff and children alike. I had so many of them say they will miss me. Think it had suddenly hit home what was happening to some. When it came time to do the last assembly of the school year, year 6 were welcomed into their last assembly with a loud cheer and to amazing quantity of tears on the way out. I've never known so many tears!!