Day 6

August 18th, 2011

Eden Project   4/08/11

The Eden Project never fails to impress me or reach my expectations! It's amazimgly looked after and there is comstant change in displays and results.

Eden is celebrating it's 10th birthday this year and they have decided to celebrate in style. There are loads of things for kids to do theres is den building, flag making, water play and circus skills to learn. Although these are directed at the kids the adults have equally as much fun. Dad's tend to take over the den building. The day out really becomes a family fun day.

Eden have also put on evening shows of modern circus. The group is called 'Nofitstate'based on circus acrobatics they are a group of highly trained misfits who pretend that they are in no fit state to be climing a tight rope or high trapees but they do and the results are amazing! There are no fancy costumes or masses of makeup just normal clothes and unshaven men and ladies with smudged mascara and messed up hair. There is no sign of 'cirque de soleil'but they are equally talented if not more! 

Day 5

August 5th, 2011

Chill out day

We decided to have a rest day today, nobody could decide what to do to be honest, plus i think walking all these hill is making folk tired. Girls decided as the weather was good they wanted to just chill at the tent and sunbath and read.Paul and i took a ride to Redruth and walked around the village. My goodness ther nain shopping street is on the steepest hill in the whole of the area. I'm going to have amazing leg muscles!

It was nice to just chill and do nothing today as tomorrow is going to be a long long day! I fell asleep in the afternoon which was needed as i had a major headache.

The evening meal came via the site resturant. The food was amazing, amazing portions too!

Then the rain came down!

Day 4

August 5th, 2011

Newquay  2/8/11

Spent the day in Newquay. Decided the girls needed to wonder alone and i had a feeling Paul needed time out too!

Paul and i wondered and managed to get the girls tickets to The Eden Project for Thurday. We can get in fast track now. Save queing.

I think the girls enjoyed going off on their own we managed to see them walking across the beach, which was funny when we text they telling them not to get their shoes wet!

On the way back to the tent we went via the cider farm. Bought apple juice for the girls and wine via Tescos for us!

Weather has been good today, lets just hope it stays.

Spent the rest of the afternoon sitting in the sun listening to the hussle and bussle of people on site. Listening to a conversation of a group of people all trying to work out how to put up a tent. Too many chefs and not enough Indians comes to mind-ha ha ha!

day 3

August 5th, 2011

Glendurgan  1/8/11

A beautiful garden set in a small valley that opens out to the sea. Owned by the national trust it is a garden of great beauty but being Cornwall it contains plants you'd only expect to see in the tropics or in a hot house. There were a number of paths you can take around the garden making it either easy or difficult depending if you want a gental decline to the waters edge or a steep decline.

I'd love to be able to grow the plants they have in these gardens in my own but livinf in Manchester makeds it difficult unless you have a massive piece of land that you can build a hot house on.

The village at the bottom of the garden consits of 20 houses and a school that has now been converted into a holidat let. It was once a Fishing village. It's amazing that it still is inhabited and used by holiday dwellers.

Once at the battom you then have to remember that there is a treck back to the top!!

In the afternoon we drove to Falmouth to have a wonder around the town. The girls found the amazing sweet shop that they have there. Sells everything that you can think off and more you cant. And yes sweets were bought it would have been rude not too!!

I have the most amazing phone call today. I passed my Math exam!!   Whoop! Whoop!!

Day 2

August 1st, 2011

Day 2         31/7/11


After quite a good nights sleep,either from tiredness of wine Paul and i woke at 5.30. Paul was coughing loudly and i felt snotty. Great colds we both have!

Paul said his chest was hurting, I thing his cold may habve come to a head, he should begin to feel better soon.

Now at 7.30 Paul has gone back to bed to sleep some more I hope, I also hope he'll feel better for it. As usual the girls are well away sleeping outside has always had that affect on them. Ok under canvas! They spent most of their baby life outside in the pram hail rain or shine!

There is little life at this time of the morning, I have noticed that camping has that affect on people, even those early risers sleep in while camping. I'm satt outside the tent with a hot chocolate and biscuits listening to the world begining to wake up.

The feeling I have of this camp site is quite positive which is shared by those we spoke to last night.The site is clead, tidy, well organised and very friendly. I do think that for the eight years that the owners have had and worked hard on this site has paid off greatly. Ther are constant improvements and expanding to be done, but nothing that interupts those that are staying here.

The weather is quite overcast and not as shiny, there is  a gentle sea spray ( even though we're 2 miles from the sea) but the temp is very warm. I doubt this will stop us from enjoying our day, there is always somewhere to go and see and do!


Well the weather did not improve into fabulous sun shine, but it did stay warm all day. We went back to Perranporth and spent a few hours wondering the shops where the girls bought their holiday hoodies. While there we sampled our first holiday Cornish pasty and Cornish ice cream. Yum!

We drove to Holywell Bay to look at the adventure playground. We had a good look at the camping park that was huge! There was lots to do on that park and costy too!

Sampled my first shower tonight. Amazing hot water and good power to the shower. the wash and toilet areas is of good quality and a must for a site this big.


Note: Bathroom area could be a little bigger at 10pm when every woman and her daughter decides to shower!!!