Strangest day

August 23rd, 2011

Had the strangest day ever yesterday! Spent the whole day alone. No noise, no girls fighting, no husband shuffling around! Nothing but me and the dog. It suddenly hit me that its what it would be like when the girls have left home and Pauls at work! I'd be home alone!!

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind being on my own but it became a long day by the time everyone had come home. The girls had spent the weekend at their Dad's. which is somethimg they need to do from time to time if only to remind him he has two daughters!

It was just strange to think that things are changing!

I kept myself busy by doing the house work and walking the dog and making dinner for Paul and Myself. But i did find that there was time to do nothing, so i read! I find it really hard to read when there is a house full of people so it was nice to have the chance to read.

 I must say that I am quite proud of myself at the moment though as I've managed to get to book 10 in the Morganville vampires series. I'll have to wait till November to read the next one!! What do I do in the meantime! I'll find it hard to read something else before then!!


Funniest Moment ever!

August 21st, 2011

You know that cartoon run thats done on the spot! Where the legs are going and their not moving you from the spot, you know, the one Seen in Scooby Doo!!

Well I've just wet myself laughing at Paul as he reached the bottom of the stairs carrying a soaking wet sleeping bag dropping water. He loses his balance and shouts for help and all I could do was laugh at the top of the stairs. The look of disbelief on his face as his legs were moving and he found he was getting no where!

 By the time he got his legs moving I'd managed to reach the bottom and followed the trail of water  and Paul that slid his way through the house to the garden! Soaking wet Paul punished me by hugging me so I got wet too!

And his final words were "Next time we take it to the dry creaners!"

All done and dusted!

August 18th, 2011

I'm truely amazed at just how well I did yesterday doing the school uniform run! Cordelia needed pe top, tie and shoes and got it all. Already got skirts, shirts and pants and blazer. I can now enjoy the next 2 weeks without running round like headless chicken!

Harriet got sorted too with her art folder thanks to Dannat who insisted on paying for it even though I said I had the money.

Minack Theatre

August 18th, 2011

Thieves Carnival  11/08/11

Wow what a performance. If you have never been to and open air theatre before one you should try is the Mimack Theatre in Cornwall. It's built on the side of a cliff, carved out with the sea as the back drop!

Be prepared though! For a numb bum and some amount of sea spray (rain or missle). Take plenty of layers and blankets to keep warm and sit on. You can hire a seat pad for a small cost of £1. Well worth it!

The show was spectacular and the girls were transfixed! The performance starte as you enter the Minack and are greated by members of the cast who have small jokes with you asking questions like "Do you have any Wine in your bag?" "No!!" "That will never do you need lots of wine to get you in the swing!"

The organiation is spot on too! It gets very cosy with bums and shoulders together with the person next to you, but that is something your glad off for the warmth!




St Agnes Carnival

August 18th, 2011


Its been a long time since I went to a carnival, I'd fogotten just how much fun they are. The girs had never been to one and their face were telling me that they thought I was mad to insist that we went.

They changed their minds when the saw just how much fun they were. St Agnes id a small Cornish village were everyone knows everyone and there is a true commumity spirit. The whole village was involved with the preporations. Streets were filled with buntings and floats had been decorated ready for the parade. People from 1 to 90 were dressed to impress!

The carnival starts withe the hobby horse and the picking of a virgin by the giant!!