First week over

September 9th, 2011

Well everyone survived the first week of school!

The children seem glad to be back with their friends and have settled to making new ones on their new journeys in life. And me? Well back in year 4 with a great teacher and loud children!

 The rain did its usual of making it presence felt too much. It actually waited for me to lock the front door and walk down the avenue before it soked me through! Theres nothing quite like sitting in a class room full of children with soggylegs and feet. Puts you in the bestest of moods!

And now its Friday afternoon and the air is warm and the sun is shining!! The sky is blue with Homer Simpson clouds floating by, Will it be here tomorrow? I doubt it very much!!

Very early mornings and late finishes are getting to Paul a little as he decided to snooze instead of getting up this morning, then shot out of bed and rushed to work in double quick time. He's back in tomorrow at 6am till 12!

Eat Love Pray

September 6th, 2011

I was writing a review on Goodreads about how I'd watched the film and then re-read the book of Eat Love Pray. It made me think about my life and how much stronger I have become. Sometimes I don't think I am, then I think of all the changes I've made and the people I have met along the way.

I was trapped in a loveless marriage,with money worries upto my eyes. I ended my marriage and lost my home and every penny I had, but I gained so much love from my children and family and the new man who came into my life.

 I found a new home and a new love who respected me for the strength he knew I had, that just needed to be let out. He encouraged me to become myself amd love who I am today.There are no secrets between us. He knows all I am as he found me at my worst. I'm not saying that  there are no down days where I feel worthless and fat, because there are, but I stop I think of all that I have now and would not swop it for the world.

I married that man who came into my life, who showed me how to live again. We're not rich but have an amazing amount of love which we share with Family and friends. Thats some thing money can't buy.

So... Eat Love Pray by Elizabeth Gilbert is a book that any woman can read,whether it's to start anew or value what you already have.

Hello world of blog

September 1st, 2011

Hello there everyone

Well the summer holidays are coming to a close, with the hustle of school uniforms to buy (although I've done mine). In the shops there are those who are still on the last minute to buy! It's a nightmare when that happens as there is not the right sizes left and the panic sets in!!

I can honestly say this years 6 weeks have been a lot different! The girls are older and doing what they want without me. Harriet has been working and I've really missed her. Cordelia has missed her too and been very quiet around the house. Paul has been working really hard and long days at times and boy have i missed him too!

 Well today Paul and Harriet are again at work and it's now 11.52am and Cordelia and her friend Amy have just gotten out of bed and are having breakfast!! I've been up since 8am and have done all the washing, checked my emails not that i'm popular but you never know! Had a chat on facebook and now I'm a woman on a mission to try and sort the garden!!


August 26th, 2011

After an emotional day with great results for Harriet and Mum today is a chill out day for Cordelia and myself. Paul was up super early to get to Birmingham and Harriet has just left for her work at Go Outdoors!

 Even though a chill out day Cordelia had to go for an eye test.The result is that she is long sighted and needs glasses for reading and white board work. So she chose 2 styles of glasses and cost me £42.80. I do get it back though through Healthsure which is cool.

Results Day!

August 24th, 2011

Well its arrived!

 GCSE results day is here and so are all the nerves to go with it!

I have no doubt that Harriet has done fantastic in her results, although she thinks she hasn't. I'll be pleased what ever she gets, she's such a hard worked at everthing she does. It's going to be a mad dash though! We have to pick up results at school at 10.30 then mad dash over to college at Hyde to enrole. Then I think it will be collapsing time!!

So the wait begins.....


The results are in..A* 3A 6B and 2C ...Amazing results, Harriet has done so well. I love her so much. She was buzzing and emotional too.

Other great news was Mum she's doing really well and has 9 weeks off chemo!   Way to go mum!!