It's Friday Again!

October 7th, 2011

This week has been a mixture of ups and downs. Had so much information given to us at work on new ways to work the Math and Literacy planning, my head has been in a spin all week!

Before the summer breatk I took an adult numeracy course of which I passed! Giving me an equivlent to a GCSE. So proud of myself for doing that as math has never been a strong point for me. With my new found knowledge i was ready to take on any thing until this week in year 4.

I looked at the lesson plan and had worked it through with the teacher what I was doing and with whom, Sorted! The group I was working with developed a mental block and no matter how hard I tried to explain a simple addition plroblem the more confused they became, and so did I!!  So yesterdaythe whole lesson exploded with me nearly pulling my hair out. The lesson was ended!

Today I prepared myself for another battle of math addition!

 Oh my goodness! Something strange happened, all the children I had worked with were given some addition problems to work though and everyone got it! Got It!!

I could have been knocked down with a feather, I asked how they had done it today and not yeaterday and my answer was "Had a sleep Miss and my brain gets it today!"

So today was a good day!





The end of the "perfect" Week!

September 23rd, 2011

I can't believe it's Friday night and I'm already in bed! I feel quite ill. I don't often take myself to bed but my family know when it gets too much its the only place i can sort myself out! There is liquid swishing in my head and my throat is sore. I just love working with kids at times like this! They are just too good in sharing!! So armed with paracetamol and strepsils i'm away to bed!

It's been a mad week with late meetings and wild kids at school. Tuesday was the point of no return for year 4. The point where we never want to go again!! Tursday and today much better. Although Fridays are always a little wild due to last day of school and the kids wind down.

So while My husband and children will be down stairs i shall be trying to mend in time for Monday back at school.

A Successful Day

September 18th, 2011

Had the most amazing day shopping with Cordelia and Paul! We were shopping for Cordelia's birthday. She decided that she wanted a Fossil watch for her 13th. So down to Cheshire Oakes we went and into the shop we went. There were hundreds of watches to choose from. Different Colours and styles. She choose a very smart watch. She was also treated to some new perfume too!

She's not the only one who did well as I got two pairs of shoes and a Fossil handbag and Paul got some Dvds.

We also decided to invest in and audio cd for learning French for our hoilday next year.

Second week down

September 16th, 2011

Second week of school five more till half term!

Oh what fun and games we have had this week. The children at school have started to settle into their class routine but still need to be controlled with a firm voice. Big mix up at school on Wednesday and it was not my fault it was the head teachers!! Naughty Man. Class teacher and myself really not happy about it!

Harriet came home on Tuesday all giddy as she was being chatted up be a boy! It's been so funny pulling her leg about it. Shouldn't really but can't help it.

Cordelia is still doing well and we seem to have sorted her French out at school. She's happy.

Paul and I are having friends round on Saturday for a slap up meal and chat. Going to discuss holiday with them for next year. so excited!!


September 11th, 2011

Ten years ago I was sat at home with Cordelia watching the television, playing games and laughing. Suddenly everything changed so quickly. There was a news flash saying a plane had hit one of the twin towers in New York. The footage on the news was live feed and there seemed to be a lot of confusion, then another plane hit the second tower.It was incredable to watch! The towers then fell!

As I watched the events unfold in the screen in front of me Cordelia climbed upon my knee and hugged me tight, that whenI realised I was crying. I hugged her and together we sat in silence watching the screen. All those people trapped! Maybe alone and so scared!

Everything on the street became quite as more people began to watch the tragic event. I remember phoning my Mum and asking was it real.

For people in New York life would never be the same again. New York skyline changed!