What a beautiful day!

June 26th, 2011

People are saying that it looks like Summer has finally arrived. To this I will not be holding my breath. It has been too hot today with a warm breeze. I have no doubt that it will rain tomorrow and people will be complaining about the wet!!

Spent the day getting up late, sorting shoes for children, completing math homework and mowing the lawn with Paul. Finally got to sit down and relax after a nice shower at 6.30.

Lazy Sunday Mornings!

June 26th, 2011

I love lazy Sunday mornings. TV on Paul and I on our laptops sorting emails and posting blogs. Kids still asleep and the dog snoozing on the bedroom floor.

It won't last though, I've still to do my Math homework for tomorrow (in my unknown wisdom thought I'd enrole on a adult GCSE Math course...MAD!!!!) and recap for an exam on the 18th July!!!

Plus I want to start book 4 in a series of books Im reading. Don't read much but really getting into it now. If Im really good and keep it up I might get a kindle for christmas!!

Friday Friday Friday!!

June 24th, 2011

Thank goodness for Friday. This means there are only 4 more weeks left of the school year. Then 6 weeks off for the summer. It has been a long year this time. I've been working with 2 classes and had a challange!

Im looking forward to charging the batteries ready for the new school year.

Being observed today, this im not looking forward to. Hate beening watched as everything seems to always go wrong!! I'll let you know how it goes later!


Well observation went ok. Was left alone mostly as the boss had already observed me once and knew I'd go into total melt down if he did it full on again!

Decided that on my way home today I'd see if i could have my hair cut. Success!!! Feel like a new woman, just hope i can style it myself now!!

Home alone

June 22nd, 2011

I can't believe I'm spending the night alone in my bed tonight! Paul's doing his first night out at work tonight. When he started the job he said there might be the odd night out. But upto now has not had one!

I've had a couple of nights away on trips with school, but Paul's a driver and his are part of the job. After 3 years I suppose one night can't be moaned at!

Gonna miss him madly though.

Well it's very quiet here, Harriet's out at the RNCM and Cordelia is beautifying her room and herself with fingers crossed that her friend can stay on Friday. So I'm sat here with the control of the remote and not a clue what to watch!!

Harriet today

June 19th, 2011

Harriet is now 16 and has just left high school. She's planning on going to College to study English Language and Literature, fine art and drama.

Harriet loves to perform and spends most of her time singing round the house. She's pictured in costume for the Little Shop of Horrors She played on of the trio singers at the Royal Northern Collage of Music (RNCM). It was amazing!!