Christmas 2015

December 26th, 2015

My Christmas has changed,gone are the days of mass excitement and little girls running upstairs to bed because they have heard Santa's jingle bells. I know have 2 amazing young ladies who although still have that spirt to make christmas magical are now mature and a lot less giddy. 

There has been no snow this year, the magic is not there and people are too rushed to see that christmas is being lost. The spirit, magic, love people had for each other has become lost in worry,anger and war.

As a child christmas was a time for families to be together. To share stories. Make magic memories. Too many people these days say its only one day. All this fuss about nothing.

If you take way the true story of Christmas and the expencive toys and gifts. Step back and look. You will find its a day to love and be loved by the most important people in the world. Your family!  The only people who know you well and will accept you for who you truly are. 

My family are all that I have. All that I really need. As long as I have them around me my world is complete. To share a moment in time,to have a day of conversation  or even just to sit is time I get to see what amazing people they are and it makes me proud to be here to share. 

My Girls

October 16th, 2013

Harriet and Cordelia are the most beautiful people you could meet. I'm not saying that they are perfect as they have their moments. But they also have their moments where they can be the best friends a girl could ever wish for.

Time Flies

October 16th, 2013

October 16th 2013

Wow! has it really been that long since I last blogged!

There has been so much happening over the past year. Children growing up, leaving home and off to Uni. People leaving our lives unexpectedly causing us lots of upset and change we now have to get used to. 

I'll so back a bit.

December 2012

Well what an amazing man I have, he know that christmas would be different this year and boy did he do me proud! For christmans Paul bought Cordelia nd myself tickets to go to Disneyland Paris. We were given a letter on christmas morning telling us to go and pack a bag and put in something warm. then we were given another letter that contained tickets to Disneyland Paris. WOW! so on Boxing day we travelled and had the most amazing time. Harriet could not come as she was working, but Paul treated her by giving her the money to spend. She also got treats from Disneyland.

New Year came and we were invited to friends to bring in the new year and also our anniversary. We'd not seen Jane and Tony for a while so it was good to catch up. This is where Harriet met Marcus the boy in her life. His is a little older than she is but they seem suilable matched and like all young couples have their moments. But who doesn't these days?  We also had managed to get through the first 12 months of Mum not being here. 

Welcome to 2013

The start of the year got off to a good pace with plans for Harriet turning 18 in March. She decided that instead of having a big party she'd like to go away with friends from College. So a holiday to Turkey was booked and a meal at San Remo was planned for close family. She had a good birthdays although there were tears for Mum not being there which will take time. Harriet planned a night out for friends to go into Manchester and hit the night life. Harrah (my Niece)came down and celebrated with her which was great knowing she would stick with her and they would both look after each other. 

Around March we lost My Great Aunt Charlotte.My Dad's Aunty. She was the last of the sisters to die. The last of that generation, of history of war time and making ends meet. She was always a loud person. Spoke loud and did things in a loud fashion. My girls where frightened of her when they were little she seemed larger than life at times. The things I remember most about her were the great family christmas get togethers, the bar in the front room and the christmas crackers on the tallest tree I'd ever seen. But then everything is big when your the youngest and smallest. 

Next up was May half term and I was taken away to Paris.I spent my birthday in the city that i love going to. There is so much to see and do. The girls were one too pleased that they would not see me on my birthday but it had to happen some time. This time we travelled by ferry across the channel instead of going through the tunnel. I loved it. 

Harriet decided that she liked what MMU had to offer for her literacy degree so put her application in. She also decided that she would like to move out and have the whole Uni experiance. Which I'm excited for her, but not the fact shes leaving home. Dead the day.

Harriet jetted of to Turkey in June!

The summer was filled with warm sunny days and cocktails in the garden. Also getting ready for our summer holiday to the Vendee in France. This time Harriet didn't come as she decided that  as she's 18 she no longer wanted to come on family holidays. so Cordelia brought her best friend Amy (Pickles to those of us in the know).They had a great time and met new friends English and French too! We had 2 hot August weeks!

On the 20th August I recieved the news that Nick (Ex Husband) had died in an accident while on holiday in Greece with his wife. This was like someone had hit me really hard and knocked me for six. Although we were no longer close we had spent 21 years together and had history. We had the girls! Its probably the worst news you can deliver to your children that he's no longer here and that he won't see them grow and become adults in their own right. The girls are struggling to come to terms that this has happened and find it hard to talk about him. But they both know that their not alone and that when they are ready we will be here. The flood of memories that we shared came flooding back and I've found hard to deal with. 

I found a passage that kind of summed up everything

You dont alway have to pretend to be strong,theres no need to prove all the time everything is going  well. You shouldn't be concerned with what others are thinking, Cry if you need too, its good to cry out all your tears. (because only then will you be able to smile again)

School started in September with Cordelia in year 10, Harriet at Uni and myself back in the classroom and well as my pastoral job. Life is never dull here there is always something happening or going wrong. But we have each other to get us through.

We will be stronger and wiser. And we always have love!


How many days

October 17th, 2012

There is a count down going on until Christmas for some people. Why would you wish your life away like that. Don't get me wrong I have counted down with the best of them, but now I find myself enjoying each day that comes and looking forward to the event but I'm in no rush! There is so much to do before then. There is a nice long weekend for Paul and myself first in Paris. I'll count down to that! I'm quite excited, as this time 3rd time lucky we are going up the Tower.Well just over a week to go till we go to Paris. I'm ready for the break away. Just the two of us.

It's been a busy time just lately. Trying to help my daughter to sort out University. It's not easy! There is so much to take into account. Then at the end it's decided just how much money she get from what Paul and I work!

It's an unchartered world for me as I didnt manage to go to Uni, it's also quite scary letting my little girl go!  I know I have to one day it's just hard.

 I'd like to know why they seem to make everything  sound so difficult and blood expensive!!


Hello Everyone

June 23rd, 2012

Well it's been a while since I've blogged. Life has been quite busy. we have finally settled into living with Dad and all being under one roof. We find time to do our own things and time to do things together. There have been the odd few blips but that to be expected.

Dad's doing well coping without Mum, there have been a couple of firsts to deal with over the past couple of weeks, like her birthday, Mine and Mothers day (which was particulary hard).

Fathers day was hard too as Dad spent it in hospital! He gave us a little scare, things are being sorted and fingers crossed he'll be back in full form. I felt a little lost with no parents in the house.  I began to realise thats what it will be like when he's not here too. But thats a long time to come fingers crossed!

It's nearly the end of term and boy has this year been a hard one. The children have been challenging but I'm quite proud that I have got through and next year my role at school is a new one with equally as many challenges but in a different way. I'm looking forward to my new role.

At the moment Paul is in France with the band. He did ask me to go but I said no, didn't like the idea of being on my own while he was playing. But wish I'd gone now as I miss him so much. Can't believe I'll be spending the night alone!!